Economic Advisory

Our Economic Advisory practice provides clients with geopolitical, macroeconomic and market-level insights. Headed by Austan Goolsbee and Stephen Moore, our practice assists money managers and corporations in making informed investment and strategic decisions through integrated analysis of policy and economic data and their implications on businesses and global markets.

Austan Goolsbee

Principal, Economic Advisory

Professor of Economics, the former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, the youngest member of President Obama’s cabinet, and a leading thinker on the economy.

Stephen Moore

Principal, Economic Advisory

CNN Senior Economic Analyst, and former Senior Economic Adviser to President Donald Trump, focusing on tax reform, regulatory reform and energy policy.


Economic Advisory

Led by Austan Goolsbee and Stephen Moore, the Economic Advisory practice offers unparalleled insights into the future of the economy and its influence on businesses.

Bi-weekly interactive conference calls

Geopolitical briefings & ad-hoc email insights

Firm-wide access to library of all previous Economic Advisory calls

Focused one-on-one consultations with Austan & Stephan

Private speaker series with world-renowned thought leaders

Semi-annual dinners with Austan & Stephan

Strategic Intelligence

In our global interdependent economy, public and private enterprise has never been more deeply intertwined.  Our Economic Advisory practice offers clients a competitive advantage in identifying market opportunities by providing insight into economic developments and trends, from one of the leading thinkers on the intersection of the economy and public policy. 

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