Infrastructure & P3 Advisory 

We solve problems and create opportunities for public and private organizations seeking success within complex infrastructure markets. We help our clients develop P3 & traditional infrastructure projects and craft innovative solutions to core challenges they face.

We execute best at the intersection of

Infrastructure and Finance

Shepherd Projects from Concept to Close

Navigate Complex Government Politics

Carry Out Economic and Social Feasibility Analysis

Craft Effective Public-Private Structures

Market Client Success

Optimize Contracts and the Allocation of Risk

Broker Deals with Shareholders

Conduct Regulatory and Policy Planning

Develop Business Cases and Financing Strategies

Navigate Sources of Federal, State, and Local Government, Agency, and Philanthropic Co-investment

Develop Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Public Infrastructure

Originate Concessions, Unsolicited bids and Off-market Deal Opportunites

Innovative Financial Structuring

We assist clients in developing, structuring and accessing high caliber deals.  We have a history of innovation in financial structuring and engage on projects, often ones threatened by derailment, to develop and execute them.  Our unique combination of expertise in infrastructure and finance means that we unlock opportunity through innovative advisory and financing.

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We navigate complex politics and stakeholder concerns acting as

Trusted Counsel to Our Clients
Navigating Complex Politics

Having advised all sides of the table – business and labor, government and NGO, global investors and local communities – we are frequently brought in to solve the industry’s most difficult challenges by clients committed to realizing their institutional goals.

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