Michael Likosky Keynote Speaker at the Social P3 Conference in NYC

 Michael Likosky, Keynote Speaker: Social Public-Private Partnerships


Our Infrastructure Head, Michael Likosky will be the keynote speaker at the Social Public-Private Partnerships in Social Infrastructure Conference. The conference will take place on Thursday, March 10, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM and will explore new approaches for financing and building public use development through use of Social Public Private Partnerships (Social P3s). Different from transportation P3s, Social P3s are used to develop and build social infrastructure such as housing, education, healthcare, justice centers and other public use buildings.

As new opportunities to build and develop in collaboration with the public sector gain traction throughout the U.S., developers are turning to Social P3s to bring strategic benefits for controlling risk, creating strategic financial incentives and managing future maintenance responsibilities for large scale, complex transformative projects.