Study Underway for Connecticut Rail P3


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Study Underway for Connecticut Rail P3

Dan Colombini

EXCLUSIVE: The government of Connecticut has allocated for funds for the creation of a feasibility study to develop a new rail project.

The Department of Transportation has been allocated $3m to explore a P3 model for the extension and development of the proposed 30-30-30 line, which will run between Hartford, New Haven, Stamford and New York City.

Work is underway on the study, although the DOT has yet to utilise the funding allocation at this stage. However, Governor Dannel Malloy is fully behind the creation of the deal.

“Now that we are entering into the feasibility stage of the project, we have seen the governor come on board,” said Michael Likosky, head of infrastructure at 32 Advisors.

“It’s a project without an unsurmountable engineering and financing challenge. We are now working through the political complexities which are a challenge, but we are finding that it is being fastracked.”

As previously reported by P3 Bulletin, support for the proposals have been growing since the turn of the year.

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